Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CTU President Karen Lewis Uncensored

A modern day Union Boss as stand-up comic.
“People are impressed,” Lewis riffs. “Let me tell you, I spent those (college) years, smoking lots of weed, self-medicating, self-medicating. Thank you. Sounds like you all did, too. I’m, sorry — there are kids here. I wasn’t supposed to say that — right? Too late.”
H/T Chicago Sun Times

This was in Seattle. It wouldn't sell to parents in Chicago's West Side.

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Anonymous said...

OMG...I cannot believe she was elected to represent anyone...It is a sad day for teachers...

P.S. Tony Rezko count down one week from today 7 days from today.

Daniel Frawley count down 8 days from today...

Of course no one representng the main stream media will be there but that just makes it more important for us to pay attention and let the DOJ know that we are watching and we care.