Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Republican Address 10/29/11: Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-IL) on the Forgotten 13

An impressive performance by a Pizza Guy no one thought would win. Keep that in mind when the justa-pizza-guy-shots taken at Herman Cain.

And a presser from the Speaker's Office,

Job Creators Call Excessive Government Regulations a Top Obstacle as "Forgotten 15" Languish in Democrat-Controlled Senate:
  • President Obama says "we can't wait" to take action on jobs. Speaker Boehner told Laura Ingraham, "You know what, we can’t wait. We’ve got 15 bills that have passed the House that would help job creators around our country. They’re called the Forgotten 15; they’re sitting over in the United States Senate." We can't wait for Senate Democrats to pass them.
  • We also can't wait for the Senate to pass a budget, the president to support a Balanced Budget Amendment, the administration to stop blocking American energy production ...
  • In the weekly address, Schilling says the "forgotten 15" - part of the GOP jobs plan - represent opportunities to build on recent common ground between the two parties.
Some of the House-Passed Jobs Bills Currently Delayed in the Democrat-led Senate Include:
  • The House passed the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act which improves access to education and training and breaks down the barriers to employment for America's veterans.
  • The House voted to repeal the IRS withholding tax which threatens any business - large or small - that works with any level of government. Repeal is supported by state and local governments, a broad coalition of job creators, and President Obama as well.
Some of the Upcoming Jobs Bills to be Voted on in the House Include:
  • This week the House will vote on legislation increasing access to resources for small businesses. Watch Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) discuss this legislation here.
  • The Regulatory Accountability Act is bipartisan legislation that would reform the federal regulatory process and reduce unnecessary burdens on job creators.
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- Speaker Boehner’s Press Office

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