Friday, October 14, 2011

IL GOP: Where is Lisa Madigan on Union Leaders’ Pension Abuse?

Geez, no kidding. C'mon out from under your rock AG Madigan!

Where is Lisa Madigan on Union Leaders’ Pension Abuse?

Is state’s chief law enforcement officer silent because of political support from union bosses?

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady called on Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to immediately launch a full-scale investigation into allegations of abuse of the public pension system by leaders of various well-connected labor unions.

“Taxpayers have lost millions of dollars because of the abuse of power that has taken place by Lisa Madigan’s political allies,” said Brady. “Where has Attorney General Madigan been on this issue?”

“She has been quick to investigate many other issues that have gotten her good press,” said Brady. “Is Lisa Madigan’s silence and inaction on this issue caused by her past – and perhaps future – political support from labor union bosses?”

At least eight Chicago labor union leaders who are eligible for inflated city pensions also stand to receive union pensions covering the same work period, thanks to a questionable interpretation of state law by officials representing two city pension funds as well as potentially false information being reported by the union leaders on public applications regarding their private union pension contributions.

“Laws may have been broken yet our state’s chief law enforcement officer has been silent – perhaps because of politics,” said Brady.

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