Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wheeling Twp. trustee loses bid to become GOP chair -

Via the Herald on the race to replace Lee Roupas for Cook County GOP Chair. Wheeling Twp. trustee loses bid to become GOP chair -
Before the vote, committeemen and members of the public at the meeting had the opportunity to grill the two candidates on ways they would approach leadership, with an eye on the 2012 election.

O'Connell said she planned to grow the party through strong door-to-door efforts.

She also pledged a $50,000 “contingency donation” to the party's near-empty war chest from an anonymous donor if she were selected as chair.

Vaznelis, who cited a need for the party to ramp up its social media capabilities, said he hoped that such a donation would come to the party regardless of which of the two was selected as chair.

Along with fundraising, Vaznelis said his priority as chair was bringing members of the party together, and recruiting more members by showing them it's “OK” to be a Republican in Cook County.

O'Connell expressed disappointment in the results, noting she felt she “had a lot to offer and a proven record” in her decades of work with the Wheeling Township GOP, which contains the largest amount of Republicans in the county.

Moving forward, however, she pledged her support to Vaznelis.

“We need to work together in raising money, and finding votes among independents and (dissatisfied) Democrats,” she said.
That contingency donation may have sunk her. Congrats to Vaznelis. Tough job ahead but New York's 9th has shown us everything is in play.

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