Monday, September 19, 2011

Congressman Quigley Apologizes for America on Muslim Discrimination in Chicago

I thought Quigley was above this kind of thing. I sat in a duck-and-dive with Muslims, taking incoming Iranian-supplied-rockets launched on the Green Zone, by Sadrists keen on killing Muslims not to their liking.

Americans have fought a long hard war against a radical foe who hates fellow Muslims most of all. Americans can be proud.

So Quigley owes an apolgy to Americans side-by-side with Muslim allies in Afghanistan tonight for this phony apology Quigley has no authority, right, or need to make.

New York's 9th's shown us all the formely solid Dem Districts in play now. Quigley best watch who's running against him and quit apoligizing on behalf of Americans.

h/t Publius Forum

Update: Dr Eric Wallace wonders when Cong. Quigley will apologize to African Americans for the KKK, Jim Crow and Black Codes?

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