Friday, September 30, 2011

Axelrod: Krishnamoorthi made 'mistake' running against Duckworth

Axelrod: Krishnamoorthi made 'mistake' running against Duckworth

Axelrod slamming Raja Krishnamoorthi for entering the race against Tammy Duckworth. Krishnamoorthi did declare first as I recall, and Duckworth has a way of getting facts she should know badly tangled up: Duckworth Dishes Misinformation to Disabled Vet.

We can all make mistakes David A. Give Raja a break.

Raja Krishnamoorthi's TeaCon outrage

Herman Cain, Bachmann, Beck key guests at TeaCon in Schaumburg -

No bipartisan words from Krishnammorthi. Afterall, these thousands will spend a few bucks in our NW Burbs too at restaruants, hotels, and gas stations. Better than an empty convention center.
At the same time, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 8th District Democratic primary contender Raja Krishnamoorthi, of Hoffman Estates, will lead a “Defend Middle Class Jobs” rally outside the convention grounds. Krishnamoorthi says he's “outraged” that the tea party has chosen to hold TeaCon 2011 “in his own backyard and has called on Democrats to join together and stand up to the tea party on behalf of the middle class and President Obama.”

Obama Hands Republicans a Weapon | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

Obama Hands Republicans a Weapon | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier:

Thanks Sen. Durbin.
As anyone with a three-year-old knows – except President Obama and Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), his closest Senate ally – taking something away from people is a lot worse than not giving it to them in the first place.

People just love to use the debit cards for free, but the Financial Wrecking Ball Reform Bill the Democrats passed and Obama signed now limits the fees banks can charge businesses when the debit cards are used in their stores. So they’ll be passing their new costs onto consumers by charging for use of debit cards and trying to steer consumers into using credit cards, which are more profitable – and which BTW promote less responsible spending and more borrowing, which is supposedly what government is trying to limit.

Rezin`s Report - Senate Week In Review

Rezin`s Report - Senate Week In Review:

Pat Quinn's mess....
This week, a report from The Civic Federation on Illinois’ Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) budget confirms what Sen. Rezin and Senate Republicans have been saying for months— despite the Democrats’ January tax hike, the state’s deficit and bill backlog continues to grow.

While Illinois taxpayers were sold a tax increase as a way to solve the state’s financial problems, the FY12 deficit still exceeds the state’s FY11 deficit. Senate GOP lawmakers have consistently said that the tax increase will not solve Illinois’ fiscal problems unless there are major changes in the state’s spending habits. The Civic Federation backs up Senate Republican warnings, noting that despite the $7 billion in new revenue associated with the income tax increase, the FY12 budget is still approximately $455 million out of balance.

Echoing Senate Republicans’ criticism of the spending plan, the Civic Federation stresses the only reason there is any semblance of a balanced budget is due to the deferral of Medicaid payments. The budget plan failed to include revenue for a projected FY12 Medicaid liability of at least $11 billion, pushing off payment of $1.7 billion needed to cover the state’s entire FY12 Medicaid obligations.

The Civic Federation says that when combining the state’s operating deficit with the accumulated deficit from previous years, Illinois could see an $8.3 billion shortfall by the end of FY12. The Civic Federation noted that unpaid bills are anticipated to reach $5.5 billion, in addition to $2.8 billion in deferred tax obligations to corporations and Medicaid and employee health insurance payments.

American Jobs Act | Dick Durbin | Warren Buffett | The Daily Caller

Via The Daily Caller, American Jobs Act | Dick Durbin | Warren Buffett | The Daily Caller:

Obama can't hold Democrats together.
Sen. Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, said Thursday that the jobs bill doesn’t have enough support among Senate Democrats to reach the 60 votes needed to overcome Republican opposition. “Not at the moment, I don’t think we do but, uh, we can work on it,” he told an interviewer on WLS radio.

“The oil-producing [Democratic] senators don’t like eliminating or reducing the subsidy for oil companies … [and] there are some senators who are up for [re-]election who say ‘I’m never gonna vote for a tax increase while I’m up for election, even on the wealthiest people,’” said Durbin, a senior senator in the Democratic Caucus.

“So, we’re not gonna have 100 percent Democratic senators. That’s why it needs to be bipartisan and I hope we can find some Republicans who will join us to make it happen,” he said.

Illinois Catholic Conference Launches ‘Defense Of Marriage’ Department « The Brandt Standard

Via Katherine Brandt, Illinois Catholic Conference Launches ‘Defense Of Marriage’ Department « The Brandt Standard:
As the Windy City Times reported Wednesday, the Catholic Conference of Illinois (CCI) recently announced the formation of a Defense of Marriage department, which will fight any attempts to legalize same-sex marriage in the state and work to protect the “stature of the nuclear family – which provides love, stability and confidence to children, as well as organization to society.”

In a news release, the CCI acknowledged that the Defense of Marriage department would be fighting “an uphill battle against current societal trends,” and that the “teachings of the Church are not overwhelmingly popular everywhere.”
Delicensing Catholic Charities didn't advance the cause of Same Sex Marriage. It was a foolish move by advocates and looks totally vindicative and thin skinned. Sorry Katherine, your friends will regret this.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Marathon Pundit: Justice: Lawsuit against Illinois Review blog thrown out as "frivolous"

Marathon Pundit: Justice: Lawsuit against Illinois Review blog thrown out as "frivolous"

MP covers the case against Illinois Review at the above link, and a cheap shot by the Plaintiff's attorney.
Satkar Hospitality operates the Wingate by Wyndham Schaumburg and the Hampton Inn & Suites Hoffman Estates in northwest suburban Chicago.

Satkar's lawyer, R. Tamara de Silva, hurled a low blow at Illinois Review, stating the blog has "attracted a large goosestepping audience" in her plaintiffs' complaint.

Intimidation and namecalling are a poor match for justice and doing the right thing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Cable Game: More on Anita Dunn--When, exactly, did she start working for Barack Obama?

Dan Curry showing there's no friends in politics. At least Democratic Progressive politics. Talk about a shakedown! The Cable Game: More on Anita Dunn--When, exactly, did she start working for Barack Obama?:
Ver-r-r-r-y interesting profile of Anita Dunn, the Fox-bashing White House communications czarina, in The Washington Post today. The WaPo's Jason Horowitz goes through all the usual de rigeur background stuff, which is the usual grist for "Style" section profiles.

But then Horowitz tells this interesting tale, obviously mostly provided by Blair Hull, a Chicago fatcat who back in 2002 hired Dunn to run his enormously expensive--$28 million, just for the Democratic primary--but failed Senate campaign. Poor Mr. Hull. It seems that bad information about him came out, thus demolishing his campaign, allowing Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination in 2004.

And then Ms. Dunn went to work for Barack Obama.
Go read the rest at the link above!

Illinois Review: A vaccine-induced nightmare returns

Illinois Review: A vaccine-induced nightmare returns

Wait till the Drug and Disease lobbies sink their hooks into ObamaCare and start swaying and influencing treatments. Fran Eaton relates her experience with Merck and HPV in the above link.

Attack Watch Commercial

Monday, September 19, 2011

Congressman Quigley Apologizes for America on Muslim Discrimination in Chicago

I thought Quigley was above this kind of thing. I sat in a duck-and-dive with Muslims, taking incoming Iranian-supplied-rockets launched on the Green Zone, by Sadrists keen on killing Muslims not to their liking.

Americans have fought a long hard war against a radical foe who hates fellow Muslims most of all. Americans can be proud.

So Quigley owes an apolgy to Americans side-by-side with Muslim allies in Afghanistan tonight for this phony apology Quigley has no authority, right, or need to make.

New York's 9th's shown us all the formely solid Dem Districts in play now. Quigley best watch who's running against him and quit apoligizing on behalf of Americans.

h/t Publius Forum

Update: Dr Eric Wallace wonders when Cong. Quigley will apologize to African Americans for the KKK, Jim Crow and Black Codes?

Trib's Chapman to Obama: Withdraw

Trib's Chapman to Obama: Withdraw

An example of LBJ's Liberals eating their friends.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Corron Farm, Campton Hills Illinois Fall 2011

Some pics from last weekend at Corron Farms. One of the new parks Campton Township's acquired. Campton and Kane are doing a great job getting new parks and preserves in this economy.

Wheeling Twp. trustee loses bid to become GOP chair -

Via the Herald on the race to replace Lee Roupas for Cook County GOP Chair. Wheeling Twp. trustee loses bid to become GOP chair -
Before the vote, committeemen and members of the public at the meeting had the opportunity to grill the two candidates on ways they would approach leadership, with an eye on the 2012 election.

O'Connell said she planned to grow the party through strong door-to-door efforts.

She also pledged a $50,000 “contingency donation” to the party's near-empty war chest from an anonymous donor if she were selected as chair.

Vaznelis, who cited a need for the party to ramp up its social media capabilities, said he hoped that such a donation would come to the party regardless of which of the two was selected as chair.

Along with fundraising, Vaznelis said his priority as chair was bringing members of the party together, and recruiting more members by showing them it's “OK” to be a Republican in Cook County.

O'Connell expressed disappointment in the results, noting she felt she “had a lot to offer and a proven record” in her decades of work with the Wheeling Township GOP, which contains the largest amount of Republicans in the county.

Moving forward, however, she pledged her support to Vaznelis.

“We need to work together in raising money, and finding votes among independents and (dissatisfied) Democrats,” she said.
That contingency donation may have sunk her. Congrats to Vaznelis. Tough job ahead but New York's 9th has shown us everything is in play.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The PJ Tatler » White House refuses to predict number of jobs that will be created by new “jobs bill”

Via PJ Tatler. The PJ Tatler » White House refuses to predict number of jobs that will be created by new “jobs bill”:
This was uncomfortably discussed yesterday at the White House briefing room by Obama’s budget chief Jack Lew. Asked directly by reporters, Lew specifically refused to say how many new jobs would be created by the new jobs program. Here is his exchange with one reporter in the White House briefing room:

“Q How many jobs will be created with this plan?

MR. LEW: We have not put out an official administration estimate –

Q Why not?

MR. LEW: Well, we just don’t do official job estimates. And –

Q Do you have numbers?”

Lew and later press secretary Jay Carney steadfastly refused to get stuck with any job creation numbers. They did so because they have been previously burned by White House chief economist Christine Romer who had predicted that unemployment would be below 8% if the original $850 billion stimulus was passed. At one point Romer actually claimed the jobless number could actually fall as low as 6.8%.

Unemployment now is above 9.1%, a number the White House admits will not fall before the next Presidential election in November 2012.

Echoing this sentiment Lew told reporters, “So my own view is and always has been that it’s a dangerous thing to try to pinpoint predicting unemployment rates.”

Taliban launch complex attack on US embassy in Kabul - The Long War Journal

Via Bill Roggio's indespensible Long War Journal. The Prez best focus on The War. It hasn't gone away. Taliban launch complex attack on US embassy in Kabul - The Long War Journal:
The Taliban launched a complex daylight attack on the US embassy and NATO headquarters in a secured area of Kabul this afternoon. While suicide bombers targeted the Kabul civil order police station and another police station a few kilometers away, fighters armed with rifles and RPGs fired at the embassy and NATO headquarters. Another suicide bomber was killed on a road near the airport.

Hurrah for New York's 9th!

via Nat Journal,

The voters of Queens and Brooklyn speak. A GOP Congressman for the first time since 1923.

Daily Herald: Walsh’s act part of the problem in D.C.

#ilop The Herald opines, Walsh’s act part of the problem in D.C. -
We are all for increased face-to-face contact between our local congressmen and the public. We’re a fan of the so-called town hall meetings where average taxpaying citizens can go ask their representatives just what the heck is going on in Washington and how they plan to help fix it.

But we’re not a fan of political grandstanding. And we’re certainly no fan of showing disrespect to the office of the president, whether that president is a Republican or a Democrat.
I dunno. Obama slams the Supreme Court at a State of the Union address. Obama invites Rep Ryan to the White House and then slams Ryan. Is it a surprize someone with self respect declines. The problem of civility starts at the top. I'd say leave Walsh out of it.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Councilman David Weprin gets his groove on @ the Soul Summit Music festival

Weprin's the Democrat running to replace Weinter in New York. He's in a tight race in a district that should have been easy for a Democrat.

Nice example below of what a politican shouldn't do for votes.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

IL GOP State Central Committee Meeting: Sound and Fury Signifying No Changes

Via Illinois Review IL GOP State Central Committee Meeting: Sound and Fury Signifying No Changes

Warner Todd Huston's take on the proposed changes to delegate selection for the GOP primaries. I attended too and Warner sums up the whole thing nicely here. Also check here for a blogger conference call Chairman Brady had with some of us beforehand.

Treasurer Rutherford ought to write the book on winning Statewide office, but he's wrong on this one as are the Tea Party folks with him on this. Walking around with petitions to get 68 delegate names on the ballot isn't going to spur grass roots activism.

This primary may be decided early anyways. It's going to take a different kind of push to restart the Illinois GOP.

LIVE BLOG: GOP Presidential Debate at Reagan Library

Via Illinois Review, LIVE BLOG: GOP Presidential Debate at Reagan Library

I participated in the Live Blog. Easy to find me with the typos and misspellings. Try typing, watching TV, and sipping a beer all at the same time. Great fun and a chance to see how some conservatives viewed the debates. Follow the link and you can see the evenings replay.

Update: And here's the debate

Blagojevich sentencing could face delays - Chicago Sun-Times

Via the Sun Times, Blagojevich sentencing could face delays - Chicago Sun-Times
Meanwhile, documents filed by prosecutors outlining their case against Cellini hint that prosecutors have maintained their distance from convicted businessman Tony Rezko — even though Rezko has in the past offered to testify.
Gosh, Zagel didn't call Rezko a toxic witness for nothing. He damages the Feds as much as the guy under trial.

Monday, September 05, 2011

James Hoffa—Total Compensation $362,869

No wonder Hoffa's declared war against the Tea Party Sons-of-Bitches. He's got a lot at stake with the old regime. Via Teamsters for a Democratic Union last year.
James Hoffa—Total Compensation $362,869, including a lucrative “Housing Allowance” he set up for himself. Instead of freezing his salary or taking a 10 percent cut, he took a Cost of Living Raise.

Why Obama's a "Rhetorical and in Some Ways a Substantive Failure" Says... Frank Rich? | The Weekly Standard

Why Obama's a "Rhetorical and in Some Ways a Substantive Failure" Says... Frank Rich? | The Weekly Standard

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Blogger Conference Call with Illinois GOP Chairman Brady on Proposed RNC delegate selection changes.

Chairman Brady, General Counsel Brian Sheahan and Deputy Executive Director Jonathan Blessing just finished a blogger conference call on the proposed changes to the way Illinois will pick RNC delegates. (Check Illinois Review here, and Publius Forum here for some background).

More to come on this one. One of Brady's points though was the new rules would eliminate the fake Republican delegates Democrats run in overwhelmingly Democratic districts like the 1st and 2nd. That in itself would be a big help.

Newt Gingrich’s Illinois Fundraiser « Publius Forum

Via Publius Forum, Newt Gingrich’s Illinois Fundraiser « Publius Forum:
...I have to say that politicians always amaze me with their ability to remember faces and names. As Callista made her way toward me, she gave me a look of recognition, came on over, grasped my hand and reminded me of just where we last saw each other. She even remembered my first name. Only a few minutes later, Newt came up to me and also remembered that he’d met me before. This always amazes me. I mean, I’ve only met Newt and Callista about four times or so and always in a sea of people, not one-on-one. Yet they both at least recalled they’d met me before. I have to say, I don’t think I could achieve such a feat of memory after meeting thousands of people every year like these politicians do.
I sat next to Sen Durbin years ago on a flight to Washington DC. I offered a few opinions (I was a Democrat then). He thanked me and asked my zipcode. I had the feeling he had the whole state, demographics and past election results all, imprinted in his head.