Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jeremy Bird selling the debt deal to Progressives

Guess who they're trying to sell this dog of a deal to. My emphasis below.

Bill --

Tomorrow -- Wednesday, August 3rd -- volunteers will gather at campaign house meetings across the country to continue laying the groundwork for the 2012 campaign.

This kind of organizing work matters more than ever. Now that President Obama has reached a compromise with congressional leaders to meet our financial obligations and reduce our debt, it's up to us to get the word out about how important this agreement is and why it's crucial to have a leader like President Obama in office.

Tomorrow, volunteers will talk about how to build this campaign at the local level -- can you attend the meeting in Streamwood?



Anonymous said...

An up-date report on Frawley; His new sentencing date is August 24th at 10:30...on May 24th just after RBO's Brenda Elliots article was released Frawley requested an emergency seal on the Frawley vs. Weaver case, which was denied and a hearing was scheduled for July 19th, 2 day's before the Sun-Times article...That was the same day Judge Guzman postponed sentencing...

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, I almost forgot...although I don't know how the judge ruled the court filing is still available but much of it is missing...Who do you think did that????

Bill Baar said...

sorry to be away from the blog..thanks for the update.