Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wheeling Dems issue first of targeted blasts: | Blogs

Wheeling Dems issue first of targeted blasts: Blogs:

Kerry Lester notes there's a lot of us in the 'burbs. Given the Democrats now a party of just Chicago and a bit of St Louis and the Quad Cities, I wonder what the chances are of taking the state from Obama in 2012.

"Rob Nesvacil of the Wheeling Township Dems this week reached out to see just how we'd like to receive information about the organization's efforts to 'target local Republicans' talking points.'

Which Republicans, and what talking points, I ask? (Following the anti-incumbent tide last November, there are a lot of 'em in the burbs)."


Rob_N said...

Reposted from the Daily Herald.

Very funny Bill.

Congressional Republicans have offered ZERO jobs proposals since they took over this year.

Democrats have put forward 20, but Republicans keep voting them down. The GOPs are even killing off the popular bipartisan programs like infrastructure work which any road marred by potholes will tell you we need.

Perhaps your ire over the unemployment rate is misdirected.

Cheers Bill,

Bill Baar said...

How many months now without a budget from Dems? And Obama's budget was voted down 97-0. Some plan Dems are offering. The Ryan plan on the other hand was serious stuff.

I think Obama might lose Illinois. Look at the townships Quinn one. The Dems aren't really players anymore outside the City and a couple of spots downstate. Check Prairie State blue for an excellant analysis on how Dems have given up througout most of Illinois.

Rob_N said...

If Obama loses Illinois I'll buy you a beer Bill.

That said, it's odd how you switch the subject to budgets after I brought up the fact that Republicans have offered ZERO jobs proposals.

But it's your blog so let's talk budgets instead...

The Dems have proposed several budgets.

In fact the Progressive Caucus' proposal balances the budget in a decade -- years ahead of the Ryan/Republican plan -- and without kicking granny and poor people to the curb.

The GOP won't vote on those common sense budgets though.

PS - The Obama budget was held up for months as a result of GOP filibusters on other stuff. Why would any Senator vote for something so far out of date at that point?

PPS - Obama just played rope-a-dope on Boehner and made the Speaker give up the chance at $4trillion in cuts.

If conservatives really think cuts somehow produce jobs then why'd the Speaker walk away from that golden opportunity?

At any rate, any businessperson will tell you that when customers cut business there is less work to go around, not more, so the whole GOP mantra is hokum to begin with. But, to each their own.

Bill Baar said...

The budget (and lack of it) and the deficit a big part of why were at 9.3% unemployment.

Democrats had two years of majorities in both houses and the Presidency and couldn't pass a budget. That's failure on a grand scale.

Bill Baar said...

PS note the Treas Sec saying this:

Geithner tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that it's a very tough economy. He says that for a lot of people "it's going to feel very hard, harder than anything they've experienced in their lifetime now, for a long time to come."

That's the depressing talk of failure... time for these guys to go home.

Rob_N said...

If conservatives truly believe that deficits are leading to 9.3% unemployment then:

1. Why did Republicans vote to increase the national debt ceiling so many times under Bush with nary a whimper?

2. Why did Speaker Boehner weasel his way out of a larger $4 trillion debt reduction package and is instead taking the easy way out to back into a much smaller plan?

3. Why do Republicans keep blocking and voting against national budgets in order to keep our nation from having a solid, long-term financial plan?

Republicans' actions are running directly opposite your claims.

And the GOP's wimpiness and uncertainty in these budget talks is spooking Wall Street to the tune of 150+ point loss today.