Saturday, July 02, 2011

Koppie may run for 33rd District Senate seat -

Koppie may run for 33rd District Senate seat -

Kane County Politics gets interesting now that Kane County Board chair Karen McConnaughay's decided to run for the Illinois Senate in the 33rd District (Northern Kane, Southern McHenry, and solidly GOP). Chad Koppie's considering a run agains her though.
"Now Koppie is considering bringing the same kind of campaign in a fight for the Republican nomination in the 33rd District state Senate. Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay, a fellow Republican, committed herself to seeking that seat Wednesday. Koppie said he’s not shaken by that."

“I may not have tremendously large name recognition, but people know who I am and what I stand for,” Koppie said. “Karen has had a huge base for years, but I don’t know if maybe that base is receding. Why else would she quit the county board? She’s had a long time in public office, and maybe it’s long enough. I’m very seriously looking at becoming a candidate for this seat. And I know some of the insider Republicans may not appreciate that.”
Check the comments on this article. Koppie a solid conservative but a guy whose time may have past. Perhapes best if he stayed farming and made way for a younger candidate to oppose her.

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Phil Collins said...

Mr. Koppie is the best candidate, in that race, since he's a conservative who has held elected offices, at the county and township levels. He's pro-tax cuts, pro-spending cuts, pro-lfie, pro-gun rights, and anti-illegal alien.