Saturday, July 02, 2011

Gov. Pat Quinn wants to cancel raises for state workers - Chicago Sun-Times

Gov. Pat Quinn wants to cancel raises for state workers - Chicago Sun-Times:

So Progressives going to march on Springfield now? Occupy the Capital building?
"The union condemned Quinn in harshly personal terms, calling him hypocritical and saying he “has sunk even lower” than some Republican governors because they changed laws on collective bargaining while Quinn is simply ignoring a legal contract.

“With his illegal and irresponsible actions today, Gov. Pat Quinn has trampled on the collective bargaining process and broken his contract with the men and women who do the real work of state government,” Henry Bayer, head of AFSCME’s Illinois division, said in a statement. “Today Pat Quinn has shown that his signature on such negotiated agreements is not worth the paper it’s printed on.”

Quinn and AFSCME reached a deal last year that bars the state from laying off employees or closing government facilities. In exchange, AFSCME agreed to come up with at least $50 million in cost-cutting and delay raises. Originally, AFSCME workers were to get 4 percent increases Friday, but the union agreed to give up months’ worth of additional pay by taking a 2 percent raise now and the other 2 percent in February. Another raise, of 1.25 percent, is scheduled for January.

Quinn says all the raises, which were originally negotiated by his predecessor, are canceled now"
Progress Illinois (SEIU)reports AFSCME's outrage but doesn't express any of it's own. That's curious.


John Ruberry said...

Will the unions ask for a return of their campaign contributions?

Bill Baar said...

AFSME members ought to be outraged at their leadership for playing politics instead of being a union.