Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zorn’s Truth Commission for Blagojevich

Zorn writes in The argument for Blago that Blago can’t give,
My wife recently expressed the wish that we could have settled this whole Blago mess with something like South Africa’s post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission: In exchange for absolute candor and full disclosure, malefactors could request and were often granted amnesty.

Whether Blagojevich is capable of candor is an open question. His every utterance since his arrest – including his testimony from the witness stand – has exhibited the same preposterous sanctimony that marked his term as governor. Bad people are out to get him. He’s “done nothing wrong.” Every slimy thing he said on tape has been taken out of context. Every move he made was to make life better for the people.
You bet we need a truth commission.  Illinois needs truth more than Blagojevich’s conviction. And the need's 'cause Zorn got it badly wrong in his post about Blagojevich being a bumbler.

Rod Blagojevich was Illinois Progressives’ Standard bearer. He won the Governorship twice, with the enthusiastic support from Progressives, Unions, and our current Progressive Governor Quinn among many others. Blagojevich’s governorship was a Progressive’s story of victory after long years of GOP rule; but it turned tragedy.

So, without that truth commission hundreds of hours of tapes will go unheard. The full story of the Progressives’ Victory will remain unheard.  All the supporters of the Progressive ideals Blagojevich represented, and the deals it took to get those visions to Springfield will remain shrouded.

Rezko silenced in prison. Uncalled to testify by Fitz and the Feds because he’s a toxic witness damaging to all sides in the trial, while Chris Kelly’s taken his witness to the grave. 

Plenty of players want the story buried and the witnesses shut down.

So please give us Zorn’s commission. That’s what Illinois needs to hear the whole truth. Without it we’ll not know this tragic play's plot for a very long time.

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Anonymous said...

Finally found the tape of Patrick Fitzgeralds news conference after the 2nd 7:07 minutes in he is asked if he will be investigating the John Chase leak...probably not...