Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why not the Brach site for a new casino?

I don’t know about the bullet train part, but if Chicago’s going to have a Casino, I’ve always thought this was the place to put it.  From Arlene Jone’s column in the Austin Weekly News,

So where should the new Chicago casino go? Well, I'm still advocating for it to be placed in the best spot of all: Right here on the West Side on the site of the old Brach candy factory, Cicero Avenue just north of Lake Street.

That site is already serviced by the CTA's Green Line. The Metra tracks are right next to it. And the best reason of all: the abandoned railroad line just to the east of the property could connect O'Hare Airport to Midway Airport using a bullet train.

A bullet train can travel up to 220 mph. It's about 26 miles between the two airports. A bullet train could make it from one airport to the other in less than 10 minutes, with only one stop in between and that would be the casino built on the old Brach site. In addition, the Eisenhower Expressway is just a mile south of the Brach site.

From a transportation perspective (and that is the most important perspective) it's a winner.

In my vision, the casino would serve as the "anchor." I still support a Black Entertainment complex, which would include a theatre, a banquet hall, a hotel and a shopping center - a total economic boost for Austin and the neglected West Side. The jobs it could bring would be enumerable, jobs that many who are out of work could do. From building the casino complex to maintaining and supplementing it, the cooks, casino hosts, hotel management, security, cashiers, dealers, valet parkers, store clerks, using West Side musicians, everyone can benefit.

Why not the Brach site for a new casino?

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