Monday, June 13, 2011

Jeff Ward: Fire district’s land request

Jeff Ward: Fire district’s land request could get fiery a reaction - Courier News

I'm no fan of the way Frank Gaffney managed the break with St Charles and started a New Fire Department for the district, but Ward's gone a bit to far here criticizing Gaffney for asking the School Board for a free parcel to build a third Fire Station.

For most of us the Schools and Fire District are all Government. Government taxpayers end up footing the bills for regardless how organized into districts.

No reason why local government can't swap this parcel and there's plenty of room for both school (if ever built) and a new Station. The location's perfect and when (or if) the schools built it'll make sense to have protection close by.

Ward's over reacted.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this??? He's back...

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