Sunday, June 26, 2011

Erickson: Quinn appointment raises questions

Erickson: Quinn appointment raises questions:

The only quals that count in Illinois are who you know.

The Pantagraph on Quinn's appointment of former state Rep. Mike Smith to a $94,000-per-year seat on the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board. Unqualified and over-paid: no wonder Illinois is broke.
"...what's puzzling about his appointment to the board is thatSmith doesn't appear technically qualified to sit on the board.

State statutes dictate that members must have 'a minimum of fiveyears of experience directly related to labor and employmentrelations in representing educational employers or educationalemployees in collective bargaining matters.'

The governor's office last week argued that Smith is indeedqualified because he served on House committees concerned witheducation and pensions.

'His 16 years of experience surpasses the minimum requirementsset by statute, and we feel strongly that he is qualified in everyway,' spokeswoman Annie Thompson noted in an email.

Republicans are calling it a sham."

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