Sunday, May 08, 2011

NBC LA: A New Party Within a Party? Labor-Skeptic Democrats

Expect more of this: San Francisco's Jeff Adachi, and Los Angeles's Bernard Parks suggesting Progressivism ought to be more than public employee unions. Via NBC LA
What binds Adachi and Parks together is their critique of public sector workers and their shared sense of alarm at the long-term threats to their cities' fiscal viability. Each argues that public employee perks must be reined in -- not in the name of lowering taxes or other right-wing ideological gains -- but so that there's enough money to protect progressive programs that benefit the public at large.

That's a powerful argument. And while public employees unions have tried to make both men pariahs, so far each has survived. (Parks appears to have beaten back a union-funded challenge to his re-election this week). One wonders if these two men -- each of whom, like the majority of younger Californians, is non-white -- may represent the vanguard of California progressive politics: a party within the Democratic party that is committed to progressive institutions and programs first, rather than  public employees who make their living from running them.

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