Saturday, May 07, 2011

Justice | The Weekly Standard

Justice | The Weekly Standard

Or Eric Holder, please leave the room. it too obvious to point out that this admirable and effective act was not particularly “progressive”? The action against bin Laden was militaristic, unilateral, and secretive. It was non-U.N.-approved, non-NATO-consultative, non-Miranda-compliant, and non-politically correct (though we must say that we’re sympathetic to the complaints of American Indians about giving bin Laden the code name Geronimo, who was in many ways a noble and impressive figure, and a part of the American story).

The act’s protagonists were non-gender-diverse, pre-Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell-reform, and had undergone a notably nonprogressive training. Attorney General Eric Holder and his merry band of lawyers who are proud to have defended al Qaeda terrorists seem not to have been in the loop (the Justice Department is not represented in the now-famous photo of the gathering in the Situation Room, for instance). Indeed, the operation was based on information developed by intelligence professionals of the kind Eric Holder wants to prosecute, and planned and carried out by servicemen unaccompanied by a JAG.

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