Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Judge rebukes Blago defense after first witness - Beacon News

Judge rebukes Blago defense after first witness - Beacon News

A federal judge wasted little time laying down the law Tuesday on the very first day of witness testimony at the corruption retrial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, scolding the defense more vigorously than he had at the first trial.

The rebuke from a visibly annoyed Judge James Zagel came after defense attorney Lauren Kaeseberg repeatedly tried to ask the government’s first witness, FBI agent Dan Cain, how many hours of FBI wiretap recordings of Blagojevich exist. A prosecutor objected each time before she could finish the question.

Zagel had already ruled that the ousted governor’s lawyers could not try to suggest to jurors that prosecutors were hiding evidence by withholding hundreds of hours of recordings that, if played, would clear their client — an accusation Kaeseberg was clearly attempting to hint at.

Hiding the rest of the tapes exactly the Feds are doing. A lot of History of Illinois will be lost for ever if they're not played. Illinoisans deserve to hear what was powerful enough to flip Lincoln in his grave. You can't talk like Fitz here below, and then withhold the tapes.

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