Thursday, May 05, 2011

Eric Holder's bin Laden Moment The moment has come for Mr. Holder to end his investigation of the CIA's interrogators of terrorist detainees.

Dan Henninger in WSJ,
After 9/11, when the fraying started, George W. Bush passed through a seven-year political minefield of media leaks and lawsuits over the Patriot Act, surveillance, renditions, Guantanamo and CIA interrogations. Now bin Laden is dead, and Barack Obama's got the credit. We're all fine with that, just as we're fine with people chanting "USA" over the dead terrorist who tried to kill us. Now how about letting those CIA interrogators come in from the cold and join the celebration?
Investigating the CIA for water-boarding a guy for intel so the US can violate a sovereign Nation's borders and pop a guy twice in his head in front of his family strikes me odd.

I'm not fine with that investigation. End it.

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