Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daniel T. Frawley's singing to the Feds of Rezko's cash to Obama; but will they listen?

Bessie (our very own local DeepThroat?) points me to the lastest at RBO on Daniel T. Frawley of train Iraqis to use AK47 fame,
Long-time RBO readers dating to the RezkoWatch days may vaguely recall Daniel T. Frawley of Companion Security fame and the plan to fly Iraqi trainees to Illinois to be trained as security guards for a power plant to be built at Chamchamal in Kurdish Iraq.

This was the little scheme dating from sometime in 2005 that involved then-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, then-Senator Barack Obama, then-Illinois Homeland Security advisor Jill Morgenthaler, Obama’s then-personal real estate fairy and political cash bagman Tony Rezko, Rezko’s Chicago pal and personal bail bondsman (and former Iraqi Minister of Electricity) Aiham Alsammarae, and British-Iraqi billionaire businessman (and one of Carter-Ruck’s frequent-flyer clients) Nadhmi Auchi.
Seems Frawley's been doing more than teaching those who already would know how to use an AK47, and was working for the Feds on those who know how to grease rails with cash. RBO writes,
As always, there’s a little more to the story. Thanks to a faithful RBO watchdog, we have documents from a separate legal matter, a law suit between plaintiff Frawley and his former attorney, George Weaver. We find some interesting details regarding that “cooperation” in a deposition given by Frawley earlier this year.

Weaver, Frawley alleges, advised him on at least one occasion, on March 13, 2006, not to cooperate with the government, namely the FBI. In a separate allegation, Frawley says Weaver told him to withhold information from the FBI.

Frawley relates the latter occurred during a telephone conversation with Tony Rezko regarding keeping a planned luncheon date while Frawley was in a meeting with the FBI at the Federal Building in Chicago. FBI agents were present when Weaver came into the room and told Frawley to cut off the conversation.

The purpose of the meeting was for Frawley to record his luncheon conversation with Rezko.

Frawley also confirmed in the deposition that the information he was to obtain was “about the payments made by Rezko to Obama.”

Because the deposition was specific to the Frawley-Weaver law suit — namely a possible change of venue requested by Weaver — no further details about the “payments” are included.

The deposition further reveals that the FBI instructed Frawley to not speak with Weaver anymore.
So Frawley's singing for Fitz but will Fitz ask him to change the tune a bit? Keep it a Serbian folk song and please no Kenyan beat? Bessie, please, deconstruct all of this.


Anonymous said...

Bill; the really funny thing about this guy Frawley is that his audacity has no bounds...He was arrested by the feds in March of 2006 and one month later he stages the robbery of his sister Maureens LaGrange home of $100,000 and 3 guns.(he has a lot more guns hidden away)...While working as an infomant for the feds he participates in an insurance fraud scam with his lawyer George Weaver that was in 2008....Then he has the nerve to sue his coconspirator/cohort and in the suit he names 2 U.S. Attorney's and an FBI agent as witnesses...Really, he names federal agents in a civil suit against his cohort in crime??? How messed up is this guy? And the fed's are giving him 18 months...WOW!

I guess it's a pretty good gig for a criminal to get an infomant job for the feds....you get to rat out all your enemies (JJJ) and you get to committ all the crimial acts you please under the protection of the U.S. Attorney's office (JJJ)...

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the feds looked the other wy on many more of frawley's antics, felony after felony.

Anonymous said...

Danny Boy has been a liar and a cheater since he was the bully of Portsmouth Ave in the 60’s.

He will do or say anything to get what he wants. He will definitely bend over when he is in prison.

I’ve known Danny Frawley for over 50 years. Enjoy your prison sentence Danny. For me it is payback for when you beat up the younger kids on the playground at DI.

Sr. Thomas Agnes was right, you did get it in the end and probably will be getting it for months to come. Enjoy, I will.

Anonymous said...

Frawley has a long history of psychological problems. That’s why the judge ordered a “mental health evaluation.”

Frawley has to repay the $4.5 million he stole from a bank, was unsuccessful in his attempts to swindle the gov’t and taxpayers of $50 million for the Iraq contract, can’t pay the half-million he owes the IRS, let alone the interest on the money he stole, and is headed for jail after he betrayed his “business” associates and cousins in an attempt to save his own skin.

He was a Chicago policeman for a whopping 7 months in the 70′s before being thrown off the force and fabricates Vietnam “war” stories when he never served and has indeed never been to Vietnam.