Monday, May 09, 2011

Blago's lawyers to cross-examine Harris this week

Blago's lawyers to cross-examine Harris this week

Among upcoming witnesses will be Chicago union official Tom Balanoff, who was acting as a messenger in 2008 between Blagojevich and the incoming Obama administration on the Senate seat opening.

Ask Balanoff if he ever considered suggesting a special election to replace the Senate seat instead.


Anonymous said...

They should ask Tom why he didn't ask the President Elect why he wasn't calling Rod himself??? Really....Did Barack not have Rod's number? When I want to communicate something of importance to someone, a person I know well and have known for years....I call them myself...IF I didn't have their number I would say, "do you have Rod's number? I would like to call him"...Tom Balanoff was NOT Baracks secretary...IS there any doubt that Obama and his staff didn't know that the feds were listening???

Bill Baar said...

That for sure anon...and I think Obama was putting financial pressure on Blago by sending his top donor. The threat being select Valerie or no more SEIU money (or post Gov job). Seems to me Blago's lawyers really ought to be playing that up.

Asking why Obama didn't call a long time friend like Blago himself a way to get at that.