Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quinn appointee who shied from Senate scrutiny is hired for 2nd job

Quinn appointee who shied from Senate scrutiny is hired for 2nd job

Quinn must find Illinoisians awfully stupid not to see through this. I'd rather crooks just stand tall --Betty Lauren Maltese like walking proud into the Fed Court House-- rather than tell us gibberish like Quinn does about Careen Gordon.

It's quid pro quo for Gordon's vote on the onerous tax hike. Now she needs a job with benefits in return.

Update: Check Michael Ciric's Careening Gordon Through Illinois State Government

When it comes to Political Paybacks, Illinois Governor Pat "Huckster" Quinn has absolutely no shame. Matter of a fact, Quinn has shown a propensity for rewarding and protecting cronies ever since the tax increase passed. This, in spite of perpetrating a shameful sham on Illinoisans that an Income Tax Hike was absolutely crucial to pay our bills and that he would make the necessary cuts to stop the bleeding in state government. Well, that increase has done nothing to date to alleviate the fiscal mess, nor has the governor made the necessary cuts when it comes to patronage and obscure shadow government boards.
Democrats get elected in Illinois because so many of us think it's this Where's Mine? philosophy that keeps Illinois from falling apart. Quinn absolutely believes this too, and he ought be honest enough to defend it.

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