Friday, April 29, 2011

Kevin McDermott: Whatever happened to the downstate Democrats?

Illinois Issues' Kevin McDermott on John Jackson's paper,
In a recent paper, Jackson used electoral data to show that “Illinois clearly suffers from an intense regionalism ... especially polarized along the geographical fault lines dividing the rural and small town areas from the cities and the suburban areas.’’ The ongoing Republicanization of southern Illinois, he wrote, is one of the starker indications of that fissure.

“They kicked out Deanna Demuzio. You can’t get more establishment-Democrat than that. Where I live, it used to be all Democrats; now it’s represented by [state Rep. Mike] Bost and [state Sen. David] Luechtefeld,’’ both Republicans, Jackson notes. “I’m an old southerner, and I recognize what I see. It’s changing.’’
I haven't read the paper yet but I have a feeling that fault line runs down Cook County considering how the Townships split on Quinn. Illinois's not as Blue as you'd think, and it's changing.

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