Monday, April 25, 2011

Erickson: Blago associates avoiding connection

Purging Blagojevich from History.  Via
As Rod Blagojevich’s second federal corruption trial got under way last week, the scrum of media covering the sequel is smaller, there are fewer people attending the trial and the daily news briefings are less bombastic.

It seems pretty clear that a lot of people just want to forget Blagojevich and his antics.

Turns out, even some of his staunchest defenders during his six years in office seem to agree.

Recently, Becky Carroll, a loyal mouthpiece for Blagojevich during his first term in office, was hired by new Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to oversee the Chicago public schools PR efforts.

Included in the press release distributed out by the Emanuel folks was Carroll’s biography, which listed her previous jobs in Chicago City Hall, as well as time spent on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. It even lists her role as a communications person for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.

Nowhere does it mention Carroll’s service to the state’s taxpayers as a member of Team Blagojevich.

Similarly, former Blagojevich budget chief John Filan recently took a new job with a financial advising firm. A page-long resume on the company’s website notes that he also served as director of the state budget office.

There is, however, one word that is missing. You guessed it: Blagojevich
That's very Soviet of Illinois.

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