Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Elgin Politics: Schock done with politics after Kaptain wins Elgin mayor race

This was a surprise,
It is the end of an era for Elgin. David Kaptain will be the city's new mayor after unseating 12-year incumbent Ed Schock. With all precincts reporting, Kaptain claimed victory with 3,921 votes to Schock's 3,291.

Kaptain gave up his council seat to challenge Schock, saying he wanted to give voters a choice between qualified candidates.

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Update: A letter to the Editor that explains why,
Because I attended the March 16 AFLA-sponsored Elgin mayoral debate, I would like to share some of my impressions. Many topics were discussed, but I will focus on just two: spending priorities and illegal immigration.

On spending priorities, Mayor Schock vigorously defended the $700,000 that was wasted rebuilding a Judson University baseball field for a women’s professional softball team that, lacking ticket sales, left Elgin. He defended giving the Prairie Rock restaurant $165,000 and, when they pulled out, gave more money and police security to a fight club that assumed the Prairie Rock location. Being an inappropriate idea to begin with, the fight club also failed.

My favorite outrage was the deal he made with a developer that went sour after taxpayers paid for the demolition of a valuable community asset — our old library. The mayor had the audacity to say that given the same circumstances, he would do it all again. When I look at appropriations of $3,037,790 for an auto mall, $607,740 for car dealer incentives, a riverfront promenade and an artist colony that are included in Elgin’s 2011 budget, I believe him.

On the topic of illegal immigration, the mayor banged his hand on the table demanding that before anyone dared criticize him, they should provide proof that any other community did a better job controlling the influx of illegals. Since he knew that no one could provide such documentation at a moment’s notice, I believe his anger was manufactured to intimidate his audience.

I left that meeting knowing that Mr. Kaptain would get my vote, and here’s why. I see Schock as a man who has an agenda that will continue to burden taxpayers with wasteful spending. I think he has held office long enough, and I have huge problems with his past performances.

I think Kaptain will fairly address the aspirations of all citizens, and that his genuine respect for the rule of law will guide him in achieving this.

Vincent A. Froberg


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