Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kerry Lester's Peter Roskam's rise to power

Roskam's growing into the job.
Roskam's a linchpin in that new Congress, as he works to help a large freshman class of Republicans gel into a cohesive and functional unit, as he works to educate members about legislation high on the Republican agenda and show them, by example, how to serve a diverse constituent base.

“Roskam's savvy. Right away, you knew he was on the fast track,” said Drew Cannon, a soft-spoken Oregon native who, for the past eight years, has watched Roskam and the other congressmen from his perch manning the third floor press gallery, which provides a bird's-eye view of the lower chamber.

Those who know Roskam, 49, describe him as intensely intelligent, trustworthy, spiritual, devoted to his wife and family, and a man with a gift for connecting with constituents and colleagues alike.

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