Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District

From Damascus and Sannaa to the really local my-back-yard stuff, The Daily Herald on the mess going on in Kane County's Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District.  Jim Gaffney's been about as saavy as Obama explaining Libya when it comes to explaining this new Fire Department he's building.  He's got to be ready May 1 and it's not looking good,  Via the Herald,
Construction on the Fox River and Countryside’s stations in Campton Hills and unincorporated South Elgin halted this week after the village and the South Elgin and Countryside Fire Protection District issued stop-work orders for each of the sites. Each entity claimed the Fox River and Countryside district did not have the necessary permits for the work.

Fox River and Countryside aims to have the stations operational by May 1 as it cuts ties from the City of St. Charles, its long-time fire service provider. It is renovating a storage building at 33W802 S. Gilbert St. into a temporary station on the east side of the Fox River and is constructing a station at 40W351 Route 64 on the river’s west side.

The shell of the Route 64 structure has been built, though construction of the exterior walls began before VanKerkhoff approved such work on March 8, he said. He noted the county has conducted inspections related to that construction.

Now, VanKerkhoff said, “My understanding from the village is they started doing interior framing work that had not been approved as part of their previous permit.”
Clocks ticking....

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