Sunday, March 27, 2011

Emanuel disrespects the 36th ward

The Sun Times Abdon M. Pallasch covers the 36th Ward run off between Nick Sposato and 36th Ward Ald. John Rice. Seems Emanuel's an "our friend" sort of fella but not showing the kinda respect he should,
Emanuel has a long relationship with the 36th Ward organization. Rice drove him around to L stations and grocery stores when Emanuel first ran for Congress.

“When they first came to Chicago, the first people they met with were myself and Committeeman Banks,” Rice said. “We’ve been on board since Day One. He carried the ward. We gave him 6,000 signatures.”

But, curiously, while Emanuel’s New Chicago Committee has given tens of thousands of dollars to the other seven endorsed candidates, but it has not yet given a dime to Rice.

“The elections is two weeks away, I got my first mail piece going out Friday. I don’t need the money April 6, I need the money before April 6. I’m not a nagging person but this week I’ve been nagging.”

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