Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elgin Mayoral Race: David Kaptain v Mayor Schock

Living in the pathy of the Elgin steam rollar my sympathies are with Kaptain here. Via the Daily Herald,
As a member of the Elgin planning commission in 1999, councilman and mayoral candidate David Kaptain helped write the Far West plan for newer development, sending it along to the city council where it was approved.

The expansion outlined by the plan stopped with the housing crisis and the economic recession, leaving behind bitterness and confusion over who would be paying for the cost of serving the extra area on the west side.

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The comments say more,
Seems Mayor Shock is again misleading the populace. There is a water tower off Highland Ave, west of Coombs, north of Rt 20; and also a booster pump station along Bowes Rd, west of Nolan Rd; both of which were built with about 4,500,000 of taxpayer dollars, for the sole purpose of supporting the far west development. Additionally, due to the disjointed, haphazard, and non-continuous growth out there, the "developers" were not forced to install enough underground water mains to connect the two structures. So, it cost the taxpayers another 475,000 dollars to re-design and improve the pump station and add a pressure tank inside it, so it could be placed in service. Realizing the growth has virtually stopped out there due to the economy does not exclude the responsibility the "developers" have to provide a properly working system. The Highland Ave. water tower still cannot be filled above about 25% of its capacity, again because the "developers" were not held to compliance with existing plans for water main installations. My problem with all this is that Mayor Shock has seemingly bent over backwards to ensure the "developers" are allowed everything they need, with no regard for

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