Thursday, February 03, 2011

Michael Totten » Egypt Needs Liberalism

Michael Totten » Egypt Needs Liberalism
All this talk about whether democracy in Egypt will be a good thing or a bad thing just goes to show how misunderstood the word democracy is. Democracy refers not so much to elections but to liberalism in the general sense of the word.
Go read him all, and if your from Illinois, well, we're hardly in a position to judge who's ready for Democracy or not given the way we've driven this State and the City of Chicago. Check Natasha Korecki today:Ex-Streets and Sanitation boss Sanchez gets 2 1/2 years in prison
His codefendant, Aaron Delvalle, was sentenced to one year and a day in prison. The sentence of more than a year means Delvalle can get time off for good behavior.

Delvalle was convicted of lying to a grand jury about the city’s hiring scheme. His testimony came while he was on leave as a Chicago police officer so he could run for city alderman.

“It’s a tragedy a nice young man like you got yourself into this, but here you are,” Gettleman said. “You basically became a soldier in a corrupt army.”
No kidding a corrupt army and it's General off to retirment and we're getting his chosen one next it sure seems.

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