Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gonnella bread traditions

From the Gonnella site via The Chicago History Journal,

To celebrate Gonnella’s 125th Anniversary in 2011, the company’s founding families are asking loyal customers, current and former employees, and friends to share their favorite Gonnella memories from over the years.

“We constantly hear from families who have grown up with Gonnella bread at their dinner table,” said Gonnella President Nick Marcucci. “As our family reflects on the past 125 years, we would like to hear from others who have their own Gonnella bread traditions.

Memories can come from anywhere. Maybe it’s biking to the bakery to get a loaf of fresh Gonnella bread for dinner because your mother said dinner wouldn’t be complete without it, or listening to legendary Chicago sports announcer Wesley “Red” Rush deliver his signature line, “Try Gonnella – it’s swella, fella!”

Anyone with a Gonnella-inspired memory can submit their story online at and clicking on the 125th anniversary link. Staff members will select the top stories and post them to the Gonnella website. The company also plans to select a grand prize winner for a very special surprise. Gonnella will also thank the best contributors with fresh baked bread and other surprises. Memories can be submitted throughout 2011.

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