Friday, February 04, 2011

An email from Gov Pat Quinn using " "

Is it legal to use a dot gov email address to send me an email like this? Just wondering...
Dear Friends,

This is a call to action. I am writing to ask you to support Senate Bill 3, a debt restructuring plan to pay Illinois' bills.

As you know, for too long, the State of Illinois has failed to pay its bills - 'balancing' its books on the backs of its vendors, health care organizations, and social service agencies.

As a result of our state's failure to pay its bills, organizations around the state are unable to make their payroll, have been forced to layoff employees, and some have even had close their doors entirely.

But there is hope - and we need your help.

Senate Bill 3 is a plan to immediately pay down all the bills that Illinois already owes, and is paid for by revenues from the recent tax increase.

Debt restructuring - similar to consolidating credit cards - is the only way for Illinois to pay its bills and save money today, rather than six months or a year later.

Legislators need to hear from you.

Please call, email or write your State Representative and State Senator today and tell them that Illinois must pay what it owes, and it must pay it now. Ask them to vote 'yes' on Senate Bill 3, so vendors, health care organizations and social service agencies can continue providing essential services.

This plan means the difference between our state's essential services functioning - or not.

Please see this fact sheet and visit for more information on the restructuring plan and on contacting your legislator. You can use this template to encourage your State Representative and State Senator to support Senate Bill 3 today.

Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn, Governor

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