Friday, November 05, 2010

Clout St: With subpoenas flying Hendon won't run for mayor

Hollywood Hendon needs to slow it down. Subpoenas not the only problem, Via Clout Street.
Hendon also said his much-publicized attack on state Sen. Bill Brady, the Republican candidate for governor who he labeled a racist, “has nothing to do with” his decision, though he did concede “it was unfortunate that I got carried away, and I will talked to Bill Brady about it when I see him. . . . I’m glad it didn’t hurt (Governor) Pat Quinn.”

In the days after he made the remarks, Hendon, 55, went to Rush University Medical Center, where he learned his blood pressure had spiked to dangerous levels.

“They said I was lucky to be alive,” he said, adding that he’s going to try to be less emotional from now on. “I’m changing my ways, because I like to be here.”

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