Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rhinelander Beer staging comeback

Politics over and it's time for a beer. Rhinelander's been one of my favorites and it looks like a road-trip to the North Woods in order to see how this is going,
More than 40 years after the final barrels of beer were unceremoniously dumped from the vats of the Rhinelander Brewery along the Pelican River, Rhinelander Beer may finally be coming home.

Jyoti Auluck, a native of Calgary, Alberta and president of the newly-formed Rhinelander Brewing Company, completed a deal Monday to acquire the Rhinelander and Rhinelander Light beer brands and all related assets from Monroe-based Minhas Craft Brewery.

Minhas will continue to brew the beer under contract with the Rhinelander Brewing Company, but Auluck has plans to build a brewery in Rhinelander and bring the brand back to its hometown.

Rhinelander Lager and Rhinelander Light brands were long produced at the famous and historic Rhinelander Brewery on Ocala Street in Rhinelander, which opened under the business partnership of Otto Hilgermann and Henry Danner in 1882.
And here's the new website.

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Anonymous said...

This entire story was stolen from the pages of the Daily News in Rhinelander. It would not be a problem if you used this and gave us a credit, but you did not. Give us a credit with this story or you will have to take it down. Anything that appears in our paper is copyrighted material.
Joe VanDeLaarschot
Managing Editor