Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kane County Chronicle: Hultgren’s work has already begun

Lauzen's comments over in a story on Hultgren's victory.
State Sen. Chris Lauzen R-Aurora, is taking some pride in Hultgren’s victory.

“It was our volunteers who got him past Hastert Junior,” Lauzen said, referring to the primary between Hultgren and Ethan Hastert, son of the former speaker.

“I think Randy’s votes are going to more closely match the values of the district,” Lauzen said. “A lot of folks appreciate Bill Foster’s work ethic and intellect, but [Hultgren] will reflect the values a little more closely.”

But for all the victories Republicans made Tuesday, Lauzen cautioned that winning an election is just a first step.

“This is just an invitation to go to work,” Lauzen said. “They should not think of it as the end of something. This is just the beginning of something.”

Lauzen said Hultgren and the other GOP winners will have to repeal the healthcare bill and replace it, extend the Bush-era tax cuts and rein in government spending.

“They don’t have to pass it into law, they just have to pass it out of the House because that is what they have control over,” Lauzen said. “Promises are broken if they do not get it out of the House.”

Though he said he is not declaring his intent to run in 2012, Hultgren said he would like to represent the district for a few years. His promise and platform closely matches what Lauzen laid out as the task for House Republicans.

“And I will be holding town hall meetings, holding listening tours, listening to constituents and hearing their frustrations and suggestions,” Hultgren said. “That is so important if we are going to represent and be their voice in Washington D.C.”
A lot of work ahead in the next two years.

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