Saturday, October 02, 2010

Valerie Jarrett Seen in Dirksen Federal Building

Getting pretty thick....

Per Chicago Fox News,
Her appearance at the courthouse set off speculation that she could possibly be there to meet with the FBI and be interviewed again, possibly with more questions, or she could be a potential witness for the next Blagojevich trial, or that she could have been testifying in front of a grand jury.

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Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be a coincidence that the Adam's team quits, Rezko pleads and Valerie is "lunching" with her daughter??? Really? IF I were Valerie wanting to have lunch with my daughter who worked in the Federal building that was crawling with press and I had to drag around the Secret Service with me...I would have picked her up out front and went to a great restarant in the city, avoiding parking, press, and dragging the S.S through an unnecessary mess...Where did she and her daughter dine??? Cafeteria?