Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Schakowsky ally launches anti-gay attack

via the Pollack campaign,
Sue Walton, a close ally of Jan Schakowsky and Democratic committeeman for Palatine Township, has been identified as the perpetrator of an anti-gay attack against blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Walton’s identity was revealed on Breitbart’s website Big Government today. On September 18, Walton shouted, “I think he’s gay!” as Breitbart questioned left-wing protestors at the Right Nation rally in Hoffman Estates.

Schakowsky recently shared the stage with Walton at her get-out-the vote rally in the 9th district on October 3, and proudly introduced Walton to the gathering.

Democrat Dan Seals, who is running in the 10th district, also proudly advertises Walton’s endorsement on his website.

“This is yet another example of the intolerance that Jan Schakowsky and her allies display when they are confronted about their radical views,” said Joel Pollak, Republican challenger in the 9th district.

“I call on Jan Schakowsky to condemn Walton’s disgraceful homophobic behavior.”

The full story is available at Big Government:


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