Tuesday, October 05, 2010

RINO vs Rezko Banker

That's the subtitle on this one from Conservative American News: Giannoulias embraces Obama: Senate hopeful not shunning fellow IL Dem (RINO vs Resko banker)
As Democrats nationwide shun campaign help from the White House, Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias plans to buck the trend and stand boldly with President Obama during a presidential stop this week in Illinois. Despite the president's waning popularity, Mr. Giannoulias has hitched his campaign to Mr. Obama, running television advertisements touting his close relationship with the former senator from the Land of Lincoln. Such a move would be politically risky in many states where "tea party" fervor and anti-Obama sentiment runs high. But the president still holds some cachet in his home state, which Mr. Giannoulias hopes will help push…
Leave the Mob Bankers stuff to the bloggers Mark Kirk. Hammer away at Obama's failed policies: Recovery Summer, Obamacare, spending. The electroate's immoderate today, so forget trying to be one.

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