Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Latest Polling on Kirk and Giannoulias

Rasmussen has Kirk up four points and I suppose Capital Fax and Tamara Holder will be complaining Raz didn’t include Labno the Libertarian among the choices. Eight percent want “Some Other Candidate”.

Those eight could be some Roland Burris fans, or plenty of other disgusted Illinoisians. Just having the "other" option keeps the Kirk and Giannoulias totals lower because they’re plenty voters unhappy with the choices. That “some other candidate” may not be a real person. Voters just want another choice.

Update: Capital Fax comes up with PPP poll showing Kirk up 2 points and takes a shot at Raz, the pollster who cannot be named, for… once again screwed up his numbers by using “some other candidate” instead of Libertarian Labno. Stupidity. 

Seems to me in a race were neither Kirk or Giannoulias popular, that “some other candidate” may have some powerful appeal to folks. What that means in the polling booth, well, my bet is it means a lot break for Kirk.

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