Saturday, September 18, 2010

Right Nation 2010 live blog

Here and set up. Will be posting throughout the day from Right Nation 2010. Stay tuned.

Some Dick Armey take aways from lunch.

Only three kinds of people get to spend other peoples money: children, thieves, and politicans. They all require Adult supervision.

Republicans are driven by the fear people won't understand. Democrats are driven by the fear people will understand.

John Fund spoke Election fraud quoting some stories from our local Pol gone talk show host Jim Laski on how the Chicago Machine did it. He's out in the lobby flogging his books. Must read stuff because desperation and close races raising the stakes. Watch for stolen elections.

Anita MonCrief (her blog here) spoke on her time with Acorn. What is it about the left that so many of them so nasty, that was here experience. She just walked in for an interview.

Man, she is a wealth of information on Acorn and what amounts to a giant racket. She's steering us to: What happend to Hope and Change.

Question to Armey. Who were behind Dept of Homeland Security. How is doing?

Answer: We got the least worse way to do the wrong thing with DHS.

Question: What was repeal day?

Answer: House spent a day asking what could/should be repealed. Armey says Congress needs to do programmatic oversite. Democrats only want to do political oversite. We can do our grandchildrent more good doing oversite of existing law instead of creating new laws.

Lesson for establishment Republicans. You have been complaining for years about voters not voting enthusiastically for the GOP. Now you've got them. You'll need to turn them into a coalition where you agree on fundamental issues but often time they're people you wouldn't want to take home for dinner. Example: you can't pull a Murkawsky and run an independent campaign instead.

Lesson for the Tea Party: It has no leader. You have been so ignored and so trivialized that many of you have thin skins. You've been outside so long and your going to face growing pains as you become insiders. The two dangers now (assuming a good Nov election): it's very important even though you've been lied to by established Pols that you don't spring to attack when anything spells of compromise or a deal. Bloggers have mastered the 21st century art of communicating but many of us don't use the 19th century tool of using the telephone. Many of us don't stop and call the otherside for facts. Breitbart and the Sherrod case the example: 99% of the greif Breitbart got could have been avoided had he called Sherrod first.

Second Lesson for the Tea Party: the GOP will want to compromise. Part of blogges job is to appreciate the process. It's a process designed not to work well, we go to hell slower than most countries, and it also takes us longer to climb out of the hole. 2010 is just the beginning for 2010, the Tea Party (and fund includes bloggers here) need to pace themselves. Be realistic about these new GOP majorities will be able to do.

What Armey just said very important: Oversite of Existing programs should be the agenda of the new House and Senate leaderships.

Don't start beating up the new Congress. Don't put on your Snarky Hat.

Question: Any changes in GOP Congressional leadership?

Answer: No, not enough time for challanges. Boehner and McConnell have been very effective opposition leaders. They held the opposition together and it's tough to beat that. Hold them accountable to new Congressional rules e.g. civil rights rules apply to Congress too. Pounce when they have no excuse (but only pounce then).

John Fund: I'm not a Republican. I'm not a Conservative. The only label you can paste on me is I'm a Radical in the sense I want to get to the root of problems.

It's a waste of money now to try and polish up the GOP brand. Micheal Steele has been such a failure with the RNC that donors fleeing and that's ok because it's letting 100 flowers bloom for alternatives.

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