Saturday, September 18, 2010

Right Nation 2010 live blog Evening Post

Just getting setup stay tuned.

Publius Forum probably took better notes of this afternoon then me. Check him out here.

Fund made an interesting comment this afternoon. It took 40 years for the GOP to crack Democratic control of congress. It took the Democrats 12 years to crack GOP Control of Congress. It's taken less than two years now for another change. The pace is accelerating. If the GOP goofs up, it will take less than two years for it to show after Nov.

Cisco Cotto warming up the crowd. Rev Isaac Hayes, running against Jesse Jackson Jr, gave the opening prayer.

I'd say Sears Center about three quarters filled.

Cotto played American for Prosperity's ad quoting Obama on AFP as an attack outfil with possible foreign funding. I'll have to look for the link.


Cotto rattled off the names for the Prez straw poll. I'm betting on Sarah Palin. Curious what Ron Paul will poll.


A lot of calls to repeal Healthcare Reform Eric Zorn needs to eat crow. It's preaching to the choir but it resonants beyond Sears.

Jim Phillips said Recovery is when Pelosi and Reid voted out.

Ccotto says 5k tickets sold.

Showing new ad from That got a lot of cheers!


Stop the hate.... You're a homosexual.

That's what Andrew Breitbart got hit with outside by SEIU and OFA folks posing as the Religous left. It became a scuffle and caught on tape. Will look at Breitbart's site or MSM tomorrow.


Phil Kerpen's on. He's making Kirk's Lame Duck argument. Vote for him because Kirk's made a clear promise to vote against everything from the Lame Duck session.

Pete Hoekstra's on. A lot on foreign isolationist stuff.

John Fund is on. Big cheer for fox news.

Got a lot of video with Herman Cain. Will post tomorrow....

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