Sunday, September 19, 2010

Right Nation 2010 Chicacgo Sun Times

via The Sun Times Kirk should have shown. He
Inside the arena, when conservative commentator Phil Kerpen urged the audience to vote for Kirk, more people applauded than booed.

Thanks to Illinois’ “special election” for senator, Kirk could go to Washington six weeks early, in time to add a 42nd Republican vote against any bills the Democrats try to pass in December’s ‘Lame Duck’ session before what is expected to be a more-Republican senate is sworn in January 3.

“Whatever you think of Mark Kirk, he has made a clear promise to block everything in the lame-duck session and we need that,” Kerpen said to cheers and some boos.

And a comment on the ST's headline that's right on mark,
crusher wrote:
Hey, Sun Times! I was there last night. Beck said ONE thing about Michelle Obama and the french fries. That was it! And that is the headline you come up with? That Beck mocks Michelle Obama? He wasn't talking about HER and the carrot stick! He told her to stay away from his french fries! He talked for close to an hour and that one line makes the headline?? What a rag!

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