Monday, September 13, 2010

Political Analysts Give Hultgren Edge In IL-14

A lot of news.

Per liberal elections guru Nate Silver, Randy Hultgren has a 63% chance of being the next Congressman from the 14th District of Illinois. Silver also rates the race as a "lean takeover" opportunity for the Republican Party.

See Silver's page on the race here:
Additionally, Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza has ranked Randy's race the 41st most competitive House race in the nation. Cillizza also says the outcome of this campaign "could be vital to a GOP takeover" of the House of Representatives.

And Illinois Review's take.
Prognosticators and pundits are getting their predictions heated up for the November 2 election, and Illinois will be one of the battleground states that at least one politico suggests could determine whether Nancy Pelosi is House Speaker in 2011..
. Give what you can. Volunteer to make calls. Much at stake and we in the 14th a key battleground.

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