Monday, September 13, 2010

Keith Farnham throwing Guv Quinn overboard?

Many key state races that shouldn't be overlooked. A big one right next store to me between incumbant Democrat Keith Farnahm, and the GOP's Ruth Munson. Elgin Courier-News ran a candidates Q and A and here's Farnham's response on Quinn's proposed income tax hike,

5. Say something about which you would like to see your own political party improve.

I strongly disagree with Governor Quinn's proposal to raise income taxes 67 percent in January. In my first term I voted against the tax hike attempt because families cannot afford this. Based on what I am hearing door-to-door, my constituents do not want a tax increase and I will continue to oppose income tax increases like this that will hurt lower and middle class families. I do not believe there is will in the General Assembly for this tax increase because it would hurt our already struggling economy by further burdening taxpayers.
That's Farnham joining Madigan tossing Gov Quinn off. No life jacket either.

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