Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hultgren's response to Foster's TARP charges

Foster can't exactly run on the great job he did with Pelosi on taking over over our healthcare, so we get goof ball stuff from Foster on Hultgren making bucks off TARP.

Hultgren's response,

September 23, 2010 CONTACT: (630) 632-1161

“Bailout Bill” Foster Provides Case Study Of What It Looks Like When

A Desperate, Millionaire Member Of Congress Lies

St. Charles – Desperate Democrat Congressman Bill Foster, an outspoken supporter of Federal government bailouts, today launched a lie-filled TV smear ad accusing his opponent’s firm of both igniting the housing crisis and profiting from bailouts.

“As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, ‘Bailout Bill’ Foster was present when Performance Trust CEO Rich Berg testified that Performance Trust companies ‘did not engineer, create, or underwrite any securitized assets or sell any at origination;’ furthermore, he testified the companies ‘did not transact in any subprime or affordable ARM products,’” said Hultgren Campaign Manager John Cooney.[1]

"It's clear that Bill Foster is resorting to lies to hide his extreme left-wing voting record which aligns him with fellow Democrat Nancy Pelosi 92.5% of the time,” said Cooney.

“Not only is he willing to lie, but he also appears willing to place his special interest money and his vast personal wealth, estimated to be at least $7 million, behind his attempts to deceive the voters in the 14th Congressional District of Illinois,” said Cooney.

“The question now is what will Bill Foster lie about next and how much money will he use to spread his lies in an attempt to hang on to his Congressional seat,” concluded Cooney.

Or as a commentator over at Capital Fax put it,

"....using taxpayer bailout money that Foster voted to appropriate, Hultgren’s company cleared bad mortgages off the books of “too big to fail” financial institutions, in a move that President Obama credits with saving our entire economic system from collapse.”

Foster moves to Long Island, kicks stimulus dollars to his new wife's Pyshics Lab, and we in the 14th supposed to swallow this hokum? How stupid do we look in the 14th Mr. Foster?

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