Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do Bill Foster or Alexi Giannoulias believe America can win the War in Afghanistan?

A quote from Victor Davis Hanson today in Nat Rev with a question that ought to be asked of every candidate this November arising from Woodward's book on Obama and the war.
....the initial reports from the book reveal two very disturbing presidential admissions that, if true, Robert Gibbs should quickly address: Obama’s purported toss-off that the U.S. could absorb another 9/11-like terrorist attack (a very callous and cruel editorial about the 3,000 who were so savagely killed and are no longer with us), and his studied avoidance of any notion of “victory” (as in, How quaint) in Afghanistan.

If these are accurate admissions, then we all better pray for salvation, because we won’t find it from the White House. The entire post-9/11 national-security doctrine was to be offensively minded, and to fight terror abroad rather than merely react to it serially at home. Afghanistan may be messy, confused, and non-traditional, but “victory” is no construct; it is a timeless military reality of making an enemy concede through force and diplomacy to your political objectives — in this case, a stable consensual government in Kabul, and the Taliban and its terrorist allies denied the use of Afghan soil to launch further attacks on Western interests. If Obama does not believe such a victory is possible, then he should not ask American youth to die in the next year as he finds a politically expedient method to back out of the theater.

No Americans should die for Obama's expediency. Right now the administration is backing Woodward's book.
Many of Obama's senior advisers have already obtained and read the book, "Obama's Wars," and are satisfied with the image it conveys of the president, a senior administration official said Wednesday.
If that's the case, it's obscene.


Anonymous said...

Nayak donated over $23,000 to Alexi, and Alexi gave his son a little tour of the east coast just before the Presidential elections...

Bill Baar said...

that's a nugget