Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bill Foster's Washington Achievement: Congress can't pass a 2010 Budget

Gary Andres over at The Weekly Standard writes a good column on the Economic impacts of Congress failing to pass a budget for the fiscal year ending today: The Democrats and the 2010 Budget Fiasco
The 2010 federal fiscal year ended unceremoniously this week – a political and substantive fiasco for the Democrats. It included a cascade of miscalculations that could haunt the party in the November elections. But that pales in comparison to the serious harm they’ve inflicted on the American economy.

Never before has a party so bungled fiscal policy in the United States, leaving citizens, businesses, and investors with head-spinning uncertainty.
Good piece with lots of examples of how Congress's failure will hit each and everyone of us. Thanks a lot Congressman Foster for dealing this blow to us in Illinois 14th. This isn't a liberal or conservative thing. It's incompetence from a party with no excuse with their overwhelming majority.

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