Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bill Foster and Nancy Pelosi Support Job-Killing Tax Hikes

Hultgren's presser on Bean's tax letter. It's early, but I'm getting the feeling Foster's thrown in the towel. Maybe Dem Leaders have promised him a job on some Physics panel, or something with Green energy. I don't think he's running for Congress.
ST. CHARLES – The Randy Hultgren for Congress campaign released the following statement today in reaction to news that Congressman Bill Foster had declined to sign a letter calling for an extension of all tax cuts that was circulated by fellow Illinois Democrat Melissa Bean. The letter was signed by 31 Democrats who understand the effect that higher taxes would have on the economy.

“The worst thing for Bill Foster to do is to raise taxes while the economy remains in crisis and small businesses are paralyzed due to uncertainty relating to continued government intrusion into the marketplace,” said State Senator Hultgren. “A job-killing tax hike now would be devastating to Illinois’ small businesses and families, and would do nothing to get our economy moving again. I’m disappointed that Bill Foster is standing, yet again, with Nancy Pelosi instead of fighting for the unemployed workers and small businesses of Illinois; Bill Foster should not have refused to join Melissa Bean, his Democrat colleague, in calling for an extension of all tax cuts.”

“In signaling his support for higher taxes, Bill Foster continues to demonstrate that he is a pro-tax liberal in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi,” said Hultgren campaign spokesman Gill Stevens. “Congressman Foster had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to his constituents that he understands their concerns about the devastating impact a tax hike would have on our shaky economy. His silence on the matter is a stark reminder to voters that Bill Foster is an out-of-touch millionaire – and while he may be able to easily afford those higher taxes, job-creating small businesses may not be so fortunate.”

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