Friday, August 27, 2010

Rick Moran: On Being American Enough

A guy up the Fox River from me writes for PJ Media: On Being American Enough
Having a different vision of what America should be doesn't make President Obama less of an American than anyone else.
There is nothing new in Obama’s pining for “positive rights.” to augment or supersede the more familiar “negative rights” which are the rock-ribbed basis of original intent of the Founders — to proscribe what government could not do to individuals. The positive rights doctrine has picked up support during the last 100 years as a means to “perfect” society and cure the perceived ills of unequal distribution of income and unfair advantages of the white majority.

Obama’s visions and dreams are rooted in the American experience and are therefore as American as the vision and dreams of his opponents. His is not an “alien” vision for America. It is radical. It is extreme. It violates first principles. It stretches the meaning and intent of the Constitution to the breaking point. It is not mindful of the consequences of change, nor is it practical, workable, reasonable, or prudent.

But despite the president’s radical vision, his dreams of what America can become probably aren’t much different than yours or mine. Who wouldn’t want a more just society, a more tolerant society, a society more equal in opportunity? It is not the destination that divides us but rather the road that must be followed to get there that separates us.
I agree. I agree emphatically. It's just why can't the President and Democrats talk and write like this? Why can't they see the commonalities? Why hurl the the Phobia and Neocon labels instead, avoiding reasoned argument?

All my life I voted for Democrats from McGovern to Gore, and then when I support Bush on a war Clinton had convinced me must be fought, I find myself charged with blood-for-oil on my hands.

Who's American-enough didn't start with Obama. It started with Bush lied. The GOP solidly supports Obama on Af-Pak. There may be reasons to leave now, and it may be a dumb war, but the GOP shows a loyal opposition to Obama the Democrats could never muster for Bush. They did a huge disservice to America, not unAmerican, but dreadful for America. It's one a lot of us can't forget. Replay Reid's The War Lost, or MoveOn's General BetrayUs for recall.

Obama's vision of America. I share much of it. It's the tactics his party used, and he still uses, that damage. It's what pushing me to think those Tea Party Libertarians may be on to something when they contrast Positive and Negative rights.

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