Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mosque Elections?

Tunku Varadarajan over at the TDB writes,
The November elections are very close to becoming—if they haven’t already so become—the first national elections in the United States whose results are determined by the location of a mosque. Call them, in fact, the “Mosque Elections.”
hmmm....we politicos in Illinois have Blagojevich's trial to keep us busy plus the goofiness of Kirk and Giannulias in their race for the Senate, so maybe I'm missing the energy over this Mosque, but still the story smacks more of an inside the beltway / MSM feature rather than something to stir up us in the hinterland. Mosques no problems, this Imam provocative so go provoke elsewhere; nuff said, let's create some jobs.

Update: Terri O'Brian writes Obama really wants the GOP to win in 2010, and the Mosque all about getting that GOP takeover,
Less obvious is the fact that it hands Republicans an issue that will benefit them in the midterm election, and could make it more difficult for Democrats, which is exactly what he wants. Barack Obama’s nightmare is a Congress controlled by Democrats, especially with a smaller majority than he has now. His dream is a Congress that he can blame for his many failures, and use as a foil; that is, one controlled by Republicans. What better way to enhance his standing with the radical, American-hating Left and make things tougher for Democrat candidates than to do what comes naturally and back the trophy mosque?

Conspiratorial? Perhaps, but in the Age of Obama, as Lily Tomlin famously said, just when you think you’re being too cynical, you realize that you can’t keep up.
Who knows, the Blagojevich tapes show Illinois Progressive Dems can think in pretty weird ways. She might be right.

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