Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Northern Illinois Jury won't convict Blagojevich

From the Sun Times Blago Blog,
A juror in the corruption trial of Rod Blagojevich says thepanel was deadlocked 11-1 in favor of convicting the former Illinois governor of trying to sell or trade President Barack Obama's former Senate seat.

Juror Erik Sarnello of Itasca, Ill said a female holdout "just didn't see what we all saw." The 21-year-old Sarnello said the counts around the Senate seat were "the most obvious."
MSM and the Liberal MSM columnists don't want to say it, but they're just way too many Progressive Democrats who won't see the evidence the same way to get a unanimous jury verdict.

Any Jury picked from Northern Illinois bound to have at least one die-hard Blago Progressive, and Progressives see all life as politics, and struggles between good and bad. Blagojevich's a failure to their cause and not a criminal. They'll not vote to convict him in what they see as a Political trial because they don't see the world in quite the same way as the rest of us. It's all politics for them.

Progressives can't help but evaluate the evidence politically: between the Progressive Good Guys, and the evil Rove-Right. Yep, they don't see what we all see. Throw in the towl Mr. Fitzgerald. You can't win a jury against a charming Progressive Leader in Northern Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

They would have voted to convict IF Fitzgerald brought game to back up his "Lincoln" comment....All he had to do is call Tony, the money man and their lame "letter" excuset doesn't pass the stink test...Every prosecution witness in this case and every single case the U.S. Attorney's office has ever tried is a self confessed liar, it's their field of expertise working with liars...AND IF Fitzgerald truley wanted "Lincoln to roll over" he would have brought charges against Rezko, Frawley, Mahru, Milorad, Alsammarae and Auchi in the Companion Security deal...THE most heinous crime to date and Fitz just sweeps it under the rug with the guy who tipped off John Chase and Rahm Emanuel...(sssshhh John Wyma)